Whitening Toothpaste Might Help Prevent New Dental Stains

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When you consume dark beverages and foods a residual amount can start to adhere to the surfaces and microscopic textures of your teeth. If they are not removed by your oral hygiene routine these minor surface stains can start to saturate your tooth enamel leaving you with an unappealing smile.

If you have started to notice dental stains building up on your teeth, you should consider setting up an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. After an essential dental exam he can help you understand your options for restoring the appearance of your white teeth.

In many of these cases our dentist will recommend a dental bleaching treatment to remove dental stains that have saturated into your teeth. It typically takes a single outpatient appointment to safely whiten your teeth.

Afterward our dentist will help you understand some simple steps you can take to maintain your professionally whitened smile. Cutting back on certain foods and drinking dark beverages through a straw might help prevent dental stains in between your regularly scheduled dental checkups.

If you do notice minor dental stains developing on your teeth, you might be able to remove them by brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste. Just make sure to check the label for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance to make sure the whitening toothpaste meets their high standards for safety and effectiveness.

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