What Are the Advantages of Tooth Restoration Therapy?

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The desire for a better smile is always present in our daily wish list. Even if our teeth are not damaged, most individuals still desire a bright, whiter, and bigger smile. With all the forms of tooth restoration treatments available at Amber Leaf Family Dental, upgrade and improving your smile is simply a matter of selection. If you do have an oral abnormality or have suffered any tooth damage, there are numerous top treatment methods to restore your smile to a level even better than before.

Dental crowns don’t just cover teeth, they guard them. A crown is like a shield for your tooth that actively protects it from outside threats, yet still gives a realistic look that can enhance your smile. To insert a crown, a small amount of tooth enamel is taken from teeth to ensure that a crown can slide over a tooth to protect and enhance it down to the gum line.

Dental fillings can eliminate cavities. If your tooth enamel is slowly worn down by harmful acids that erode it, a dental filling can stop the decay from causing further damage, fill in the offending hole, and protect your tooth from future wear that seeks to destroy your smile.

One of the most impressive forms of tooth restoration procedures is that of professional teeth whiteners. Teeth whitening treatment systems can eradicate deep stains and discolorations from your teeth and turn discolored teeth into pearly whiter masterpieces. In a single visit, a professional whitening treatment can upgrade the color of your smile.

If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a glorious smile with teeth restoration therapy, set an appointment at our dentist office in Bloomington, Minnesota. Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. and the rest of our team can be reached at 952.881.0504. We will get you the smile you’ve always wanted!