Achieve Your Dream Smile With Dental Bridges

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Are you aware of the risks of having any missing teeth that are not replaced? Although many individuals may have concerns about the use of a prosthetic device in their mouth, the issues associated with leaving missing teeth untreated is far greater. Not only can a missing tooth lead to a buildup of plaque in the area, but it can also cause gum destabilization, bite force instability, tooth slippage, hindrances with chewing, eating, and speaking properly as well as issues with the visual appearance of your jaw and smile.

To help reverse issues associated with missing teeth, consider the use of a reliable tooth prosthetic such as a dental bridge. Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, are prosthetic devices that are anchored onto nearby or neighboring teeth to fill in gaps in your mouth. Through the use of dental bridge, you can provide decades of support and complete your smile once more. Dental bridges will help ensure that the bite forces across your mouth are distributed properly. They can also help with space maintenance to ensure other teeth do not continue to slide around and move into the gaps that once existed.

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